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ILOMO Methodology

Purely experiential. We believe that each child can learn when he/she is provided with the right environment. Anything can spark the child’s learning, it could be a person, an animal, a place, a machine or anything. So we expose the child to myriad experiences. We believe in field trips local and outstation and hence they form a major part of our methodology. These field trips provide the children experiences first hand and also offer the opportunities to interact with people on the field. Example: The child not just reads about a doctor but meets the doctor in the clinic and interacts with him/her. This may extend to understanding how the doctor’s life in a day is and how he/she feels so on and so forth. In a way most of the learning takes place unconsciously but very effectively. The whole process is based on ‘Self learning’. Facilitators (experts in various subjects) are always available to help but they will not intervene in the learning process unless seriously required. We also have a few experienced teachers who are available on call for clarifying doubts of children during a given time. We trust the child and we do not believe in the syllabus or class or period system or bell system. If a child is interested to read a book, or to do Math or wants to paint, or play music or wishes to undertake a project, he is given freedom to do so with little guidance. It is a democratic set up where children will get together every morning and share their learning for some time. Most of the activities of the week will be planned by the students. Students are given opportunities to think, to lead and to carry out their ideas. Children are encouraged to take responsibilities and lead mini teams. They are also encouraged to undertake projects and conduct research and solve problems.

We welcome the parents’ views on what their children should study but that should come from parents after careful and meaningful observation of the child and its interests and inclinations.