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Schedule and other guidelines

Schedule and other guidelines


Learning Centre: 9.30 am to 2.30 p.m.(It may extend on the days of field trips)

Office: Monday to Friday : 10 am to 3.00 pm

Please fix up an appointment for your convenience either through email or on mobile.

Curriculum offered

The planned curriculum is followed only at Grades IX and above where the children are free to choose between NIOS and IGCSE. Otherwise, the children are exposed to various skills both academic and life. They will be more than fit academically by the time they reach Grade IX by age 13/14. There could be little difference from child to child in readiness to appear for Board examinations which should be taken as natural as all the children won’t take the same time to reach a particular level. There is no class system, no house system. Children are free to learn by themselves or from a facilitator live or online or from a junior or senior.

Admissions and age criteria:

Admissions open throughout the year. Since we do not have a class system or any other group, the child will naturally pick up from where he wishes to (of course our facilitators will guide the child) and start his/her journey of learning happily.

All the parents must submit the photographs of the child, parents, guardians who are responsible for dropping and picking the child from school. Copy of the birth certificate is a must along with the child’s medical history (please be honest, so that we can help the child maximum keeping the confidentiality in mind).

At present, we offer admissions to children of ages 8 and above. Children who have completed Grade III under normal schooling or reaching 9 years without schooling/homeschooling as on April 1 of that academic year.

Group size

The maximum number of children per each learning centre will not be more than 20. These 20 or less children are again re-grouped according to their reading choices, subjects, activity etc. They are always helped by a full time facilitator and a support staff. Minimum number of children per learning centre will be 10.

Term, vacation and leaves

There is no division of the academic year. All festivals and Government holidays are holidays for the centre. Our leave policy is liberal but with a purpose. Children are encouraged to attend marriage functions, religious festivals and all other rituals according to their religious beliefs. We allow the children even if the parents wish to take them for weekend trips and trips during the middle of the week. What we expect from the parents is to help the child to see the learning part in each of these rituals or functions or visits and the scientific reasons behind the beliefs of respective religions. Long vacation is given for a week during Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas. Summer vacation will be about two months. (Summer vacation and other holidays may differ from state to state)

Dress Code

We do not recommend any uniform but parents must ensure that the child is dressed comfortably. We suggest white T shirts, comfortable track pants along with quality sports shoes which are suitable for all types of movement. A different dress code may be asked for during festivals or other cultural events.

Money, electronic items, jewellery

We will inform you in case the child has to carry money or credit or debit card which we will take care of and ensure that it is used for the purpose mentioned. Unless otherwise informed by the Learning Centre, parents are not supposed to send money or any other ornaments either in a bag or on their bodies. The centre cannot take the responsibility for the loss of any such vaualble. Use of tablets and laptops permitted but it is monitored by the facilitator and strictly for the purpose of learning. However, the responsibility of the equipment is of the child and the parent and we request the parents to train the children to use the equipment responsibly.

Children with special needs

The purpose of learning is incomplete if the children are not accompanied by the other children who are with special needs. That is the way of life so is our philosophy which is inclusive. But the special need to be clearly discussed with the parents before admitting the child and parent’s help and cooperation is always sought in this regard including escorting the child if required.


We do not recommend any assessment as we believe assessment takes away the fun and interest in learning. However, if the parents wish to have a report of the child’s growth in various areas, we will give it only at the end of the year. Children will be introduced to Evaluation and Grading only from the end of Grade VIII as they need to take up board classes from Grade IX.

Reaching out to parents

Through email. We have a dedicated page for each child on google drive which will be shared with the respective parents. This will be updated on a regular basis and parents are requested to check this page regularly.

Involvement of parents

Parents are seen as a great support for ILOMO. All our parents as stakeholders are free to give suggestions, question our practices, help us voluntarily and contribute to our endeavor in any manner which can be discussed mutually. We only request our parents to keep us informed well in advance should they wish to meet us regarding any issue or help.


As of now, we do not offer transportation but we can help with reliable private operators so that parents will not have any inconvenience.

First Aid

Is available with the facilitator for minor injuries.